Apache Big Data Budapest – Day 2


Important highlights of day 2 of the Apache Big Data Europe 2015 in Budapest.

Hadoop’s next mission is to be more business friendly

​Hortonworks co-founder and architect Arun Murthy talked about the next decade for Hadoop and how it needs to become more business process oriented.

Big Intelligence: BI Meets Big Data, with Apache Drill

Welcome to a whole new world of data exploration—a world where SQL specialists are now first class citizens and no longer have to wait for weeks/months before they can access new datasets; a world where IT does not have to be a bottleneck in preparing and maintaining schemas for the BI user; a world where data scientists are free to follow the information trail wherever it may lead them.

Being Ready for Apache Kafka

Architecture of Flink’s Streaming Runtime

Apache Phoenix

Apache Kylin

Fraud Detection in Real-time

Who is using Apache Kafka?

Picture for who is using Apache Kafka?

Information on Apache Hawq

Apache Hawq Resources

Features of Apache Falcon by Hortonworks

Apache Falcon features

Apache Geode

Is a distributed in-memory database with strong consistency…
What is Apache Geode?

Day 1 Highlights