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Informatica Big Data Challenge

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Big Data and the Creative Destruction of Today’s Business Models

Big data—enormous data sets virtually impossible to process with conventional technology—offers a big advantage for companies that learn how to harness it. Renowned 20th-century economist Joseph Schumpeter said, “Innovations imply, by virtue of their nature, a big step and a big change … and hardly any ‘ways of doing things’ which have been optimal before remain so afterward.”
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Deloitte: Analytics Trends 2015

Cap Gemini: Insight-driven Operations – The missing link Between Big Data Architecture and Operations

Traditional business intelligence architectures, which rely only on well-known relational systems, excel at processing standard business-generated data. See more at

But, today’s environment increasingly demands insights derived from larger and more complex datasets. As a result, traditional architectures need to adapt to meet the modern needs.

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