Apache Kafka Enterprise Readiness

One of the primary questions that gets asked before Kafka adoption in any IT project is:

Is Apache Kafka Enterprise Ready?

While this question is very subjective, we can take the following factors into consideration to get at a favorable answer:

Life of the project

Apache Kafka is in existence for about 5 years now. It started its life at LinkedIn. Then it moved into the Apache Software Foundation.

Commercial Support

There are many companies such as Hadoop Platform vendors such as HortonWorks,Cloudera, MapR as well as the pure Kafka vendor, Confluent Inc -that provide commercial support for Kafka.

Large Scale Use of Apache Kafka

LinkedIn processes 1 Trillion Messages per day using Kafka. An excellent post from LinkedIn discusses their Kafka usage at https://engineering.linkedin.com/apache-kafka/how-we_re-improving-and-advancing-kafka-linkedin

IFTTT uses Apache Kafka.


The first Kafka Summit has been announced for 2016: http://blog.hampisoftware.com/index.php/2015/10/03/apache-kafka-is-mainstream-first-kafka-summit/

Large Backers

IBM has built a MessageHub based on Apache Kafka- ready for the IBM BlueMix platform.

ORACLE Stream Explorer has tight integration with Apache Kafka.


O’Reilly book on Apache Kafka is forthcoming.
Kafka Book