Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Elasticsearch

AWS provides a managed elasticsearch cluster. It is very useful to create a cluster quickly and scale the cluster as demand goes up and down seamlessly.

Adding nodes or changing the size of the cluster does not take a lot of time. AWS handles the cluster resize very cleanly.

Managed elasticsearch is on v1.5.2 as of January 2016. Even though community Elasticsearch is at v2.1.x, AWS is still at v1.5.2. For most of the projects, this is not a problem. Unless you have advanced Elasticsearch needs, the managed elasticsearch infrastructure on AWS should be sufficient.

AWS managed Elasticsearch does not support the TCP client. So you cannot use the Elasticsearch client API to write your applications. Managed Elasticsearch in AWS only exposes the HTTP client which will be https on port 443.

For Java applications, you can use the open source Jest API.